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NAMIC Mutual Insurance Foundation

For more than 250 years, the mutual insurance industry has protected the homes, autos, businesses, farms, and other property of its policyholders. The National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies has worked to ensure that the shared purpose and mutual values of its member companies not only endure but thrive every day.

The NAMIC Mutual Insurance Foundation was established for the purpose of strengthening and growing the industry for the next century and beyond. Through its scholarship program, the NMIF is committed to fostering diversity and inclusion at all levels of the mutual insurance industry. The Foundation recognizes that bringing individuals with an array of talents, ideas, and cultural experiences into the insurance industry is imperative to fostering the innovation that drives the industry’s ability to effectively serve its policyholders.

NAMIC celebrated its 125 years of history in 2020 and with that celebration came an expanded scholarship program through the NMIF, which is poised to support the industry’s efforts to attract and develop the next generation of insurance professionals. Through our shared history, we have learned that by working together, anything is mutually possible.

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